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How do you cope with the acute headaches?

I was prescribed 40 mg.of Prednisolone daily for 5 days by my consultant (and they did


However my rheumatologist is not keen on this form of treatment as it can cause


Does anyone have any alternative form of treatment?

Can just about cope with the ulcers and the iredness but the headaches are something

else altogether.

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I have to say that the preds have been my saviour. 40mg is quite a high dose - I'm now on 5mg a day maintenance does.

There are lots of other drugs though but I'm not sure if you're asking for specific headache drugs or general BD drugs? You will get lots of answers here but you must remember that we ain't medics! We are just in the same boat as you and some of us have been in it for longer than others, so we can share experiences.

I must say - and somebody will come and strike me down with lightening(!) - I've never heard of steroids (which is what prednisilone is) being prescribed for headaches.

Oh, yes, and welcome to the community. If you're looking for support and understanding you've come to the right place ;-)


*strike* :-) I am always given pred when I have aseptic meningitis headaches, usually by iv to start with and then an oral dose, tailing off over a few weeks.


Now, how did I know it would be my mate Tig eh?


Hello Bobobear, Is your Rheumatologist a BD specialist? Does he/she know more about it than the Consultant who originally prescribed it? Most medications have side effects and many patients take pred on a regular basis - it is well known for being used as a treatment for BD. Perhaps he/she is correct in deciding this is not a suitable treatment for you, these things do need to be considered on a case by case basis, but it may be worth having another chat about it and perhaps asking your Consultant to speak to your Rheumatologist.

In case you don't know this already, you can find some other discussions about headache here:

and you may find the Society factsheet about headache useful:


Hi Bobobear

I suffer with terrible Behcet headaches but this has improved since I was put on a dose of Amitriptyline. A lot of people think this is just an anti-depressant but it is used for all sorts of Neuralgia. It is used for Shingles, Vasculitis and other such things. This has helped me and also a strong dose of Naproxen (Anti-inflammatory) helps take the edge off the bad ones.

I have shown to have some vasculitis on a brain scan and the Neuro Dept put me on the high dose of Amitriptyline.

Not sure if this helps but I understand how frustrating they are and painful!!



Hi, I take Sumitripan at the start of my migraines and also take Paramax along side it and for less severe headaches. Am on Colchicine, Azathiprine, Codeine and Amitriptyline aswell.

Sumitripan works well for me.

Hope this helps x x


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