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Corticosteroid for how long and puffy face when Start to appear? Can puffy face occur sudden or need long term use to form

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I’ve been in 40mg since October last year and have had the puffy face since about Mid November 😢 i hate it so much x

Esr22 in reply to Roxybaby

Sorry for hearing this but still positiveYour dose should discontinued for some time to avoid toxicity

Just u need some time and will return to normal shape

Alex97 in reply to Roxybaby

I had the puffy face and neck and I hate it, worse side effect of steroids in my opinion. I was on a massive dose- 1000mg intravenously every day for 5 days and then 60mg oral tapering down to 10mg. But everytime I get a flare up I m back on intravenous dose. I now have osteoporosis because of the amount of steroids I ve had, but it is the only thing they can think of to stop the flares.

Roxybaby in reply to Alex97

Oh no I’m sorry to hear that. 1000mg that must make you feel awful x

The puffy-ness is water retention, not all people get this side-effect, I have taken steroids for 36yrs and have never had this problem, if you're concerned about it then speak to your doctor.

Hope this helps.


Esr22 in reply to rosshi

Help a lot thanks

rosshi in reply to Esr22

You take good care, best of luck to you & stay-safe

Commonly known as Moon face, a common side effect of water retention. It will go down when you come off the meds.

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