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Failure with multiple biologics for RA


Hi. Has anyone had any failures with multiple biologics and what did you do? I was doing great with Humira for a long time then I had my second child and a huge flare up during pregnancy and after, which has not settled down 1 year later. I can’t be on methotrexate and Arava caused major hair loss so I’m relying on on a biologic,prednisone and hydrochloroquine. I tried xeljanz, not much relief. Now on Actemra and it’s not working much either. Is there anything that can work for me??? My doc said the flare up should be 3 months and it’s been well over a year...

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Hi Esti, I found myself in much the same situation. From my layman‘s understanding the doctors have to find out exactly which part of the cells are causing the problem, so unfortunately it comes down to trial and error. You need a specialist on your side who is prepared to work through things with you. (Often a rheumatologist). Personally I have found relief (at the moment) with a drug called sekucinumab. It may not work for the next person as we are all so different. Keep being positive, but depending on the health system where you are, keep looking for someone who is not just fobbing you off. My flares also have lasted at times for months on end. The neurologist I see said that the interesting thing about this disease to researchers is that it affects everyone differently. Hope that helps. Lesley

I was experiencing flares every month so severe , Humara did not work & methotrexate made my right side of face go numb!

have you tried IV remicade? someone on this site told me about it...My dr. started me on it and it has helped more than others for sure.

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