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Hi everyone,

Weird question that I have googled but I want some advice from people who have experienced it. What can I take daily in order to keep my stools soft without using a laxative? I’m just healing from a fissure so I’m scared that once I’ve used all my prescribed stool softener that it’s going to tear open again! Also some advice on how to stop it from tearing again in general, I already eat a high fibre diet so I’m unsure what I can do further to avoid it.

Thanks in advance 😃

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Eating papaya helps me very much in this department. For other reasons, My doctor prescribed magnesium - serendipitously, it has a softening effect too.

Best of luck!

I second the Magnesium. Especially magnesium citrate or oxide

Flax seed have a fibre that acts as a demulcent - think 'softage' rather than 'roughage'. Grind them up freshly, keep a few days worth in the fridge. Don't let them get old as they have good oils in them which degrade in air. Sprinkle on cereal, porridge etc.

I’m a fan of keeping fats high, helps keep me regular and balanced. High fat seeds, extra oils like olive and coconut in foods.

What really helps me is eating peanuts.

I also suffer from frequent anal fissures and it can be so frustrating! I usually take magnesium in small amounts just to make sure I don’t overwhelm my GI tract and then prunes and all natural apple juice!

Try 100mg of Magnesium citrate, I take this anytime I have a problem with a glass of water before bed and works brilliant. I have had major problems throughout my life and tried all the usual, I eat lots of fiber but this means much more water too, many people increase fiber and it can make the problem even worse resulting in compacted poop. Have freshly ground flaxseed each day on my breakfast, eat very little in the way of refined carbohydrates and would seriously never want to go back to those days. Oh and I also have diverticulitis so this is much more calm since starting magnesium citrate.

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