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Update about curing this horrible condition?

Hey guys, I made a post on here a while ago about how eating an all animal based diet cured my Behcets and encouraged others to try it:

I'm curious now if anyone did and what results they had.

Let me know!

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I would not consider such a dangerous diet even for a minute. It is well known that a high meat diet increases the risk of breast and bowel cancer.

And I simply do not believe that all the necessary nutrients can be obtained from meat alone.

Then there are the effects on cholesterol levels, and the strain on the kidneys from very high levels of urea being consumed.

I would say this diet is playing with fire, personally.


Actually that has pretty much been debunked. I strongly encourage you to read this:

In fact, you can read about ketosis and how it actually HELPS against cancer because cancer cells NEED glucose for energy and they pretty much die without it.

Not only that, but dietary cholesterol being bad has also been debunked.

To be honest, I don't consider dietary studies at all anymore. They are all just bad science and biased for people's agenda's and of course funding.

You would prefer to use toxic drugs with nasty side effects (like actual cancer) instead of a natural diet of what humans originally ate and what even made us human (big brains and nomadic movements needed high fat diets)?

Read this website to see that this diet is actually healthy and has everything you need:

By the way, I should mention that I have never felt better in my life. Not even better than before I got diagnosed. I can go to the gym and workout for hours doing double what I could do before, I never get a cold or any sickness, and of course, I have ZERO Behcet's symptoms.

One last note, I haven't eaten any Vitamin C for almost 8 months, you'd think I'd have scurvy with my teeth falling out but they're better than ever. Just another example of how much misconception modern science has. Read more about Vitamin C at

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I read this with interest. Im so pleased this regime works for you, but you must remember your 'cure' as you claim has not been independently verified so we must take it with some degree of scepticism. If it has been proven then absolutely fantastic as there would be a relatively simple cure right in front of us.

I seem to recall, can't seem to find them at the moment though, other posts of yours. In one of them you claimed to be 99% cured, that does not constitute cured. In another you said that if you eat sugar (?) then the symptoms come back, that also does not constitute cured.

Yes I'm a pedant.


Do you know if you are in ketosis? Id assume you are. Since your last post with all meat diet, Ive cut my carbs down to be in ketosis, and the anti inflammatory aspects have been swell for me. You mentioned in your last posts that certain fruits and veggies cause flare ups pretty quickly for you- is this still the case with vegetables?

Lastly, do you supplement with fiber capsules or powders or other vitamins?


Yep, I'm in ketosis since I haven't eaten a single carb in months and still have energy. Fruits and vegetables still cause problems for me. In fact, I can tell you exactly what each food does to me because I keep a food journal:

Banana - Cankers on my cheeks

Blueberries - Cankers on my palette

Beans - Cankers on my tongue

Peanut Butter - Wrist Swelling

A ton of other things.

I'm pretty sure it's all because of something called leaky gut and the structure of each food particle that gets through the lining into the blood stream.


I'm sorry but I set no store by websites published by individuals. Call me old-fashioned but I prefer to base my understandings on peer-reviewed studies. Good science is the only antidote to pseudo-science. Of course we need to be careful about funding and commercial agendas, but they are fairly easy to tease out.

For 50 years my Behçet's was undiagnosed, so I had no choice but to manage without drugs. I learned to control the inflammation through diet, which in my case happens to be, through trial and error, gluten free, nightshade free and mostly vegan with the addition of occasional eggs and fish. My Behçet's is not severe compared to many, and I too have had spells of remission when I was virtually symptom free for up to 5 years.

It is good that you have found something you believe works for you, but I do think we need to be very careful about evangelising diets that work for us as individuals, and suggesting they might be a 'miracle cure'. The risk of doing more harm than good is particularly high when suggesting diets that are extreme and go against the grain of pretty much all current nutritional understanding, as in the case of the all-meat diet. It is based on some very shaky premises such as 'it's what humans originally ate'. I would argue that the success of our species is based on the fact that we can and do eat an extremely wide variety of things. It seems to me that it is when we eat too much of one thing (as in the prevalence of wheat and milk - and, yes, meat - in the Western diet) that we run into problems and allergies, intolerances and worse start to emerge.

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I'm pretty sure most vegan diet websites are published by individuals. In fact, individuals are the only people I would actually listen to nowadays considering main stream 'studies' are the sames ones that flip flop on sugar, on fats, on trans-fats, on cholesterol, on multi-vitamins, and a million other things every couple years (remind me, is wine good for you or bad for you in 2017?).

I do agree on one thing that no one should listen to anyone else except test out themselves while keeping a food journal. However, I'm pretty sure through trial and error most people will come to the same conclusion that a nutrient dense animal rich diet is what makes us feel the best (again, don't take my word for it and try it for yourself).

But please don't debate the fact that animal diets are what enabled us to become human with intelligence. That is not something that is up for debate. It is literally impossible for us to be this way without an animal diet. If our ancestors were to subsist on vegetables among other things, they would be spending 15 hours a day simply eating to consume enough calories.

I'm curious though, you say a mostly vegan diet has helped you, but what does that exactly mean? Do you have absolutely zero ulcers, inflammation or any other symptoms?

BTW, a vegan diet would be considered 'extreme' by most people and you follow it, so why say they should be taken with caution.


After many years of trial and research I have arrived at a diet that works very well for me, not only in controlling Behçet's but also in keeping blood sugar, blood pressure, iron, sodium, vitamins and serum cholesterol at healthy levels. It is mainly plant based, but few people in the UK consider that to be extreme these days. Even though I believe my diet has made some significant improvements in my condition, I never lose sight of the fact that what works for me may not work for other people.

Your pitching an all-meat 'cure' for Behçet's, based on your own experience alone, could be dangerous to some. You say you are 'pretty sure' your diet will cure peoples illness, but that is pure guesswork. You could start suffering from diet-related kidney problems or diverticulitis tomorrow and nobody here would be any the wiser.

I would advise anyone with Behçets considering trying an all-meat diet (or indeed a pure vegan diet) to talk to their doctors or a nutritionist.

I do not wish to correspond further with someone who sees fit to dole out instructions on what I can and cannot debate, therefore these are my final words on the matter.

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Isn't the number of people on a vegan diet less than 0.5% of people, that seems pretty extreme.

Are you using any drugs right now for your behcets?

EDIT: I read through some of your post history and it seems you still need to take drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and azathioprine, which I've taken in the past, and both of which can make you feel horrible. And even while taking them, you seem to still have symptoms.

It's kinda blowing my mind right now that I presented a diet that could require you to use zero drugs to feel at 100% (not 99%) but it seems you have too much pride to even consider it. That's kind of a shame.

But for anyone else reading this, please test this out for yourself and do an update. Get off these nasty drugs. Humans didn't evolve to have to take toxic chemicals that are so long you can't even pronounce them in order to feel good.


Please don't stalk members online then shame them for using modern medicine. (I'd suggest looking at life expectancy rates throughout history as medicine has become more advanced, but I don't expect you care about trends that don't support your zen website's theories.)

Either way, this shouldn't be a platform for bullying. We're all here to support each other, regardless of differing views.


I simply want to help people CURE their disease. Maybe I'm such a person for that?

Modern medicine and technology has truly messed up our environment, food, and mindsets (as jaxxi has demonstrated) and to be honest, it really urks me that I'm over here trying to help people (with something they can test out for themselves without taking my word for it) and some people won't even TRY it.

Also I'm not stalking someone on the internet. We're all using healthunlocked. The post history feature is there for a reason, right?

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I do think there is some merit in what you report. Not because it's animal but because it's low carb

If we recognize carbs at the hit level as enemies, our bodies develop antibodies ( such as to klebsiella with Ankylosing spondylitis or HLA B27 issues

My problem is that with low carb I lose too much weight and look and feel frail

That said , you on to something but it needs refining

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I agree that I think it works well for him as it is low carb. I am low carb myself and I discuss it on this site as well. Unfortunately, we all have different intolerances and allergies and well, damn different lifestyles and countries of what food is available. I see merits with both posts. But it really is, what works for you? I like that different personal treatments are presented. It opens up opportunities to try something if you feel exhausted and not getting any better.

As for you losing weight, are you tracking calories? May i suggest adding in more calories dense things like coconut cream, avocado, and healthy oils (evoo and coconut oil)? Easy way to add calories. When I make almond flour biscuits, those little buggers are NOT low calorie. Theyre like 230-300 cal for a 2-3 bite portion. I can provide the link if you like-Theyre really good IMO and easy to make.

Also, stay up on protein as that helps prevent muscle deterioration. When I had to gain my weight back (ha ha not an issue now) I was doing whey protein with coconut cream and fruits for a high calorie, high protein meal.

stay well-

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I would love that recipe.. can you pm me it ? Thank you!


If you're going to eat low carb or zero carb (since I want ZERO symptoms) then you necessarily will land on the animal based diet. There is no other diet with zero carbs that can get you all the nutrients you need.

You need to increase salt intake because of the lost water weight, and fat intake or yeah you will feel low energy since your body is now using fat for energy instead of carbs.


If you are losing too much weight then you are very simply not consuming enough calories, regardless of the source of the calories. Massive of research around this.


Sorry should of have been posted in response to mres.


Good afternoon all, some very interesting debates on Health Unlocked at the moment and it is good to see people discussing what works for them. What works for some people may not work for others and we do suggest you discuss any new / radical diets or changes in treatment with your GP or Behcet's doctor. Thanks to anyone who contributes and best wishes to all.


I just want people to try it instead of taking my word for it. I really don't think I am emphasizing enough here when I say this CURED my Behcet's. ZERO symptoms or drugs needed.

Why is it that a hazardous drug like, say, methotrexate or infliximab can be prescribed to every Behcet's patient but a diet cant work for everybody "because we are all different". You can't have it both ways.


I think it’s awesome that you have found what keeps your Bechet’s in remission or calm. Maybe if you chose to use other words people wouldn’t be so hard on you! (Like it’s calmed my symptoms or I’m in remission) 🤔 I’m on a very restricted eating plan as I am doing a detox.

My Dr practices functional medicine and I have done a bunch of test showing what micronutrients I am low in and also a test showing what toxins are higher in my system. So for me I am trying to take the “natural approach” no medications but I’ve been undiagnosed for 28 years and if I do get a firm diagnosis this week then I may have to use medication to put it into remission so I can get back to my normal life!


People, please be very cautious about following the recommendations of someone who claims to have found a CURE based on his own responses alone to a diet that is potentially damaging. That is not how a cure is established.

This guy is articulate but that doesn't make him right.

I dislike the fact that he has searched my posts (fair enough) but has then gone on to misrepresent me. For instance, I have never used azathioprine.

Are my attempts to bring some balance into this discussion and open it out the product of a "messed up" mindset as the original poster implies? I'll let you and time be the judge of that.

TAKE CARE folks.

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I'm just saying your mindset has been manipulated by science and "studies" to the point where you won't even consider a diet that could *potentially* help you significantly.

And again, I don't want people to take my word for anything and try it for themselves. Whats so bad about that?


It's strange, isn't it, how I have allowed my mind to be swayed by 'science', 'medicine' and 'studies', yet won't allow it to be manipulated by the anecdotes of a lone individual who claims to have found a 'miracle cure'. Hmmm, I wonder why that might be... <strokes beard>


It took me less than 2 weeks to get the effects of eating from this diet. Surely trying this for just that little time would prove to you whether it works or not without much detriment to your health if it really is bad for you. If you are eating this way, eat beef and drink water.


Which would be pointless as there is no way I would continue with it even if I did feel temporarily better as my major concern is - read my lips - The Longterm Effects. Similarly, I could take steroids which would make me feel amazing today -'CURED' in fact, but they would stack up problems for the future.


I'd rather take cured behcets right now and (probably unlikely) problems in 20 years vs pain right now and problems in 20 years anyways because of drugs used to "help" behcets.


Debate is healthy admin .... but sorry the OP is 'telling' people what to eat and claiming he might be 'CURED'. Surely one of the professors would like to snap this guy up as they spend countless hours & money to try to 'cure' us.

I think he needs to be careful if he is advising and claiming a possibly cure. Yes it worked for him - one size doesn't fit all. As another poster said he could be admitted to hospital tomorrow and we'd never know, this post could be read 4 years from now, advice taken and kill someone!

Vegan or meat only - please speak to a nutritionist.

To the OP ; Any such claim could be met with the question , "are you sure you had behcets in the first place?" Loads of people misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue or Lyme disease didn't have it.

If you simply came on and said look guys this worked for me, speak to your GP or nutritionist and ask them before embarking on what I suggest.

Many people could get seriously sick or die as a result of your recommendations. I question if you are not still in remission? You do realise some have constant symptoms, no remission , others flares and remission with varying time periods ?

I wish you luck.


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