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New member from the continent!


I have joined this forum, because there is no large Behcet community in Denmark. I am pleased to see that you guys have such a great website, and that you have access to serious publications on the subject.

I was recently suspectet/diagnosed with BD after having thought it was Herpes for moret han half my life! My 'luck' was, that I got a serious eye infection, and then suddenly everything started unfolding. Neck pain, stomach problems, stiff joints all over, back problems that does not show on scans, extreme tiredness, etc etc.

Suddenly I am no longer a hypocondrian!

I just wanted to say hello here before I join the more detailed discussions.

Greetings from Copenhagen!

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Congrats on getting your correct diagnosis at last. My husband is half Danish, and I have visited Denmark several times. Such a lovely, friendly country.



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