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In a flare

Hi All, it's been a little while since I posted, I'm in a terrible flare my joints are hurting, eyes are blurry, neck, shoulder, and back are killing me. Right down to my toes, I see the rheumatologist Tuesday but may not be able to go (it's one hour away) no one to drive me ...just needed to get this out ...hope everyone has strength today. On morphine for pain and it's not working. Feeling very emotional. This really stinks . It's hurting me just to type this on my phone .🙄😷😕

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Bless you, you are in my thoughts. I hope you are able to somehow get to your appointment. If you aren't able to physically go it could be worthwhile asking if you can have a telephone consultation instead during your appointment time then you can at least get some advice. Hope you pick up soon.

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thank you , im a lil better today. hoping i can build up strength to drive my self tomorrow. a lot of self care today


What type of pain do you get in your joints? Are they sharp pains? Random i know :) hope all goes well.


You need to say where you are and someone might volunteer a ride. There are also probably plenty of volunteer agencies in your area that can give you a ride. Call Red Cross.


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