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I'm feeling so tired at the moment and I can't seem to shift it! I'm knackered after work and wanting to go to bed as soon as I'm home but I try not to and wait until at leave half 9 l but I can't seem to fall asleep for ages even though I'm exhausted and then I can't get up in the morning. I'm struggling to get through the day at work and always find myself having to sit down and rest which is hard to do as I'm always on my feet where I'm a beauty therapist. Normally in my flare ups I have ulcers and styes but they haven't been to bad. I've stopped taking predisolone and cholsisine because I didn't find it helped me. The predisolone only stopped my mouth ulcers and styes. My hair keeps falling out as well, it is coloured but haven't had it coloured in about 6/7months and my hair falling out has got worse over the last 3months. I'm thinking of going to the gp to ask for a referral to The behcets Center of excellence as well. Advice would be great!!

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Hi, my daughter goes to the CofE in London, there excellent there, very though and helpful. Good luck xx


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