Hi everyone just a bit worried and in need of advice. I had a gynocologyist appointment today regarding an on going pelvic pain from a suspected pelvic infection back in February. I still get the pelvic pain so wanted to get to the bottom of it and the doctor said I have 'slight' polycystic ovaries in an internal scan I had but this wasn't said in a the previous scan I had back in February when this all started but I was wondering whether the predisolone could have caused this or if it's something I've unfortunately always had? The doctor said at normal for women my age (19 nearly 20) but everyone I know who have PCOS struggle to have children! Advice would be appreciated!!

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  • Hi Soph, I had heaps of trouble and over a 10 year period had cysts burst 3 times. It was painful and you need to go straight to hospital if you find your self with a constant stabbing pain down low, this may also make you vomit. I'm sure in the right hands PCOS can be well managed.

    I will say I have 2 beautiful children and I think it was due to Endo that I struggled to fall and hold on to the pregnancy's. All the very best.

  • Thank you for getting back to me Michja! I don't really know how to feel about it because I don't feel as if I have got any symptoms of PCOS. I take the combined pill as a contraceptive but my periods were always regular and on time, never had acne possibly the odd spot every now and then as normal being a teen, don't have excessive hair growth or sweat etc the only thing I can relate to is the pelvic pain and different doctors say 'oh it's just down to your rheumatology problems' with the behcets and also fibromyalgia, I just don't know who to believe! I don't know whether I'm in denial or whether to go back to the gp and ask for a second opinion and explain my worries? The first internal scan showed fluid around the ovary but this time it wasn't there and he said it could be anything but I wonder if the antibiotics cured that before? (No STD btw) surely they would have picked up and told me if I had slight PCOS from the previous scan aswell? Also this gynaecologist said my womb was tilted slightly which my mother has as well and no endometriosis. I'm Confused:(

  • With my PCOS the Dr's could see the cysts on ultra sounds through out my years but I too had none of the usual symptoms. I was on the pill to help which is a good idea if it agrees with you and you can miss actually getting your period, therefor not developing cysts. I'm probably a fair bit older than you (44) and have had trouble with that entire part of my body from my first cycle. Anyway, I had a hysterectomy last year (left the ovaries) and I feel wonderful just fantastic. The gyno couldn't believe how large my uterus was and in his words, built for someone twice my size. Due to a large amount of Endo it had all connected to the uterus, bowel, front wall of tummy and right leg ligaments. He also said it was like vagarious veins through it, just horrible. He thinks it would have been due to BD.

    Your Dr's are aware of BD and they will be able to see most things on ultrasounds, internal and external. I'd stay in contact with your gyno and if pain persists don't ignore it. Although difficult at times I found regular exercise eg: Walking and Pilates/Yoga helped me relax. All the very best.

  • I know this is a few days old, Soph, but I really wanted to add something.

    If you feel you want to go back and talk to your GP, then you should. If you feel that your current GP would not be amenable or approachable, then do your best to find a better GP.

    Having the right doctor, that you can talk to about any and all of your worries - again and again if need be - the kind of doctor that will be supportive and explain things a number of times, and refer you to another specialist if that is what you want - is so important.

    Living with this condition is extremely stressful and It is essential for your peace of mind to have a have a kind, understanding, approachable GP.

  • Thank you for writing back! I do want to go back for a second opinion I felt as if they doctor was fobbing me off just giving me any explaination for my pain. All I wanted to know was whether it was behcets related or if it was this PID keep coming back but he seems to think I didn't have a PID in the first place but he wasn't the one who diagnosed me. He was awful, didn't answer my questions I had and didn't reassure my worries about struggling to have children and just said 'why are you worried anyway your to young to have children'. I'll give it a few more day for my notes to be sent to my GP and go from there.