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I'm knew to this I suffered 2 heart attacks a stroke i am a diabetic on insulin I've had multiple operations over the years but have always over the last 30 yrs suffered mouth and genital ulcers and since the age of 19 suffered with dudenol stomach ulcers I have arthritis ganglion on top of my tarsal bones my feet are rigid and very painful I suffer horrendous headaches and I'm constantly exhausted I also get bouts of eye ulceration and double vision with my sight been reduced lately I struggle constantly I get umpteen bruises and leisions on my arms and legs im under the cardiologist as I have a bad heart and have been stented I was put in the support group ESA this year I get low motobility and low care yesterday I was diagnosed as having Bechets which I have probably had for years but since the doctors where treating the symptoms and not the cause it was never picked up on I am worried. About the new PIP as to wether I will get it as I live on my own having lost my husband and brother due to cancer and need that financial support to help my care needs does anybody know anything about this PIP

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Hi! I don't know if this helps I am a bd patient but I also have a son with learning disabilities who is now having pip . He was having dla but has now reached 16 so it changed to pip! I had to reapply again for everything which is quite daunting! I have been really lucky and he has been awarded enhanced mobility and personal care! I had an information booklet which was really helpful and even though it was aimed at children with learning disabilities it gave me an idea of what the assessor are looking for and guidelines on how to complete the form which I tried to follow when I filled it in! I have it online and have tried to copy the link for you but am not that clever!! If you message me your email I could email the booklet to you if that would help? Lots of hugs jo x


I tgank you that would be brilliant x


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