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Sjogrens syndrome

Can I ask if any of you have Sjogrens syndrome along with Brechets.I`masking lots of questions as I see Doctor on Thursday and I`m trying to have all my ducks in a row as it were.I read that Vasculitis quite often goes hand in glove with it.

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I came up slightly positive for it. would explain why I had so many cavities growing up and dry eyes my whole



yes rooser1 it is a pain I`ve just about lost all my teeth nowand yet I was so on the ball with them.It was my dentist that first said something was wrong.I see the g.p in a couple of hours and have writen down everything about BD.I spoke to someone yesterday who is to do with hospitals of exelence and she seems to think I should be seen at London.Unfortunately my test for inflamation came back negative,but then I`mon antiinfalmatories so I wonder if that is why.My G.P luckily is very good so made a double appointment so I was not rushed.Thanks hun keep well xxxx


My Rheumatologist told me just last week he thought it was extremely unlikely that one could have both Behcet's and a connective tissue disorder.

If you have a connective tissue disorder like Lupus or Sjogrens or Dermatomyositis, it is possible to have cross-over conditions with the others (e.g. Both Lupus and Sjogrens), but it's because they are in the same category. 

He said one would have to be spectacularly unluckily to have two very rare unrelated conditions...

I asked because some of the photos of skin conditions related to Dermatomyositis seemed like rashes and problems that were worrying me during my last flare... Just before I went back in the Prednisolone....


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