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i was diagnosed with depression 4 weeks ago is this anything to do with behcets

having a pretty rough time of it at the mo had a flare up which rendered me in hospital for 2 weeks and am struggling to get back to a normal life, well as normal as it can get with behcets.

also has anyone on ere tried to get PIP as i have been refused. any handy tips would greatly appreciated

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Hi and the answer is yes and no. My consultant has always said it is difficult to know if depression is caused by BD or does BD cause the depression.

I think it's a bit of both. Anybody would be depressed when they are in pain all the time and especially after a bad flare. Also some of the meds we take can bring on depression.

I suffer with this from time to time and now I understand my illness better, I know when I will cope and the signs when I need help with medication for the depression. I am on antidepressants just now, a mild one and small dose. After several weeks and much pain I gave in and after 10 days I know I am getting better but still a long way to go. Just remember depression is an illness in itself and do not be ashamed. If your body is ill you fix it and it's the same for your mind, coping with all this disease brings.

See your doctor and take it from there the sooner you treat it. The sooner you will get better.



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Hi there,

After being in a flare for almost a year in 2013(still not over:/), and having been in much pain most days as well as my life put on pause, gaining close to 45lbs fr prednisone, hair falling out,etc,'s no wonder one would have crying spells,not wanting to leave the bed, staying in pj's for days at a time, not wanting to be around people,etc....

Does any of this sound familiar?

The way I see it, anyone dealing with a chronic/acute illness where physical symptoms are sometimes difficult to manage.....this will wear on you after awhile. It seems like your mental health catches up to your physical state of being. Think about it? Even if you have a positive outlook and attitude, day in and day out of feeling aweful,along with missing out on family/friend gatherings, feeling isolated, wanting to sleep more often,etc. Even if you know this will pass one day- it's nearly impossible to escape feeling low,blue, depressed,etc.

For me,it started to creep it's way in-no matter how I tried to reshape my thinking, do self-care,sleep more,etc.

I would cry at the drop of a hat for days at a time. Had a real heaviness weighing on my heart/chest. If I would say the word, "CRY", I'd immediately start crying like a baby! This is what I would call a situational type of depression. Where it's directly related to an event or illness,etc. For myself, I felt better very shortly after having started an anti depressant.

I will wean off when I start feeling a little more "normal" or when symptoms are under control or remission.

As for your other question- I'm sorry I can't be of any help :( I live in Canada and our systems are a bit different!

It's not an easy thing to navigate....lots of paperwork 😩Try to get someone who has done it/familiar with th process.

Good Luck😆



Were same.. 😩

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Hi! Sorry you're not feeling too good at the moment!

I would say at times the two go hand in hand. During a flare up you feel pretty rubbish in general, and you're often more sensitive than usual so it's easier to fall into a depression which is sometimes hard to come out of.

As for Pip, I was 'awarded' it due to mobility reasons, I have arthritis in my knees which makes moving up and down difficult and also have persistent ulcers downstairs which at times make walking unbearable. I believe they score you 'points' and the more problems you have with day to day life, the higher you score. Be as honest as you can with the form, even put in the embarrassing bits! Also maybe contact the Behcets centre of excellence's support worker for some advice on the form.

I hope you feel better soon!

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Thank you for all your comments it's awful but I'm glad I'm not the only one out there I was beginin to think I was goin mad . I've always been a fighter but feel like I'm failing but to know I'm not and it's tough goin for all makes me feel less alone

A thank you for your support xx

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