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Humira with mycophenolate

I've posted before regarding the anti TNF med Humira. I'm on mycophenolate and was due to start th start this but I had a bad reaction to the pneumonia jab. I ended up in hospital for nearly a week with infection whipping round and they couldn't bring my temperature down. To make matters worse, the same day, I sliced the top of my finger off on a mandolin - my fault, rushing and didn't have guard on! This is going to take a long time to heal and I'm anxious not to get an infection there.

My concern is that they want me to remain on mycophenolate and colchicine as well as Humira. Does anyone take/taken this together? I am worried that my immune system is not going to be able to cope with anything coming my way. Online , they warn about serious interaction and to be aware!

I'm going away shortly and am now worried that a mere mosquito bite could see me end up in hospital. I'd like to hear from anyone who's been here.

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I sliced the top of my finger myself of late. My sympathies..

It's a good question. I'm in a similar situation (myco) but in need of something else (beefy stuff).. sounds like your dr is excellent. I would be interested in the answer you get on this myself. After all, some of our immune system is rubbish..failing to clear viruses and other infections.

any medical question, best to ask your GP / consultant you are under..but sometimes, other patients can fill in much better (patient's point of view..) please keep us updated x


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