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Retinal vasculitis

Does retinal vasculitis cause pain? Last year an optholomalogist said my retina in both eyes are swelling but he did not seem alarm. Every year they are more swollen. Sometime I have eye pain but not a lot. However I have just been diagnosed wothBehcets after atypical meningitis. I have had this disease since six and it has affected every organ of my body from heart to lungs to brain to GI. I am worried about my eyes but don't have a lot of pain -- just blurred vision off and on.

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i have headaches and pains around the eye area when I read. the pain feels as if my eyes are being pulled towards the skull. that being said, I do not think this is a symptom of the uveitis/retinal vasculitis and my opthalmologists agree. I did not feel this during the first years of my uveitis - for this reason, I speculate that the inflammation had caused some collateral damage to the eyes or to the eye muscles.

other than the abovementioned, I have not felt pain in the eyes themselves. there is a lack of pain in the eyes even when my vision is at its worst, and even when angiograms confirm the presence of inflammation

sight is most essential and if I do not consciously overcome it, I would tend to worry as well. but experience has taught me that worrying does not help - it can aggravate, but not help. i guess my message is try not to worry - do think of proactive ways to protect yourself from BD, but be calm about it and do not let worry take over you. easier said than done, but in my opinion, that is the best way to go

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I would have your eyes checked again if you have blurred vision. I did not feel any pain. Although did have a sensation like a pressure around that side of head and eye socket but optholomalogist never seemed concerned about that. Take carex

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I have had many "itis" eye diseases and the only ones that caused me pain were the less serious conjunctivitis and scleritis, and only the episcleral tissues hurt. Eventually the nerves were paralysed and externally I feel nothing on the eyeball. Internal problems caused blurriness, or patches of vision gone. Sometimes I get pain from glare and reflections with headaches, but the inflamed vessels did not hurt. Other people sometimes get a feeling of uncomfortable pressure as inflamed tissues/vessels can take on extra fluid. But vasculitis in my limbs or other organs caused me huge amounts of pain but in the eye macula, nothing.

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