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Behcet's in a Day - Cardiff

Hi all Welsh patients, and their families!

Registration for the first Behcet's in a Day in Wales is now LIVE! Arghh! I've been busy this afternoon emailing UHW consultants (purely because I have an NHS email!) and will be getting on to contacting all other consultants from other local health boards over the coming weeks. This is an opportunity to learn more about Behcet's, it's management, as well as meet specialists from the three Centres for Excellence. All three lead clinicians are going to be there and presenting, as well as specialists including a researcher, ophthalmology, dermatology and psychology, so please do come, otherwise I'll look like a donkey! The link to register is:

Any questions please email me on

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So wish i could go! I am traveling to France in July bad it wasn't a closer date:( I totally would have included this in my travels! Sounds exciting! I hope you have a fabulous turnout!!

Thank you for all of your hard work!



Aw no problems, Gen. France in July will be gorgeous. I am hoping for a good turnout, it's a bit nerve wracking! Do you live in Wales, Gen? xx


Oh! No, I live in Canada, but plan to visit cousins in France this summer. I seem to always miss out on these conferences as I'd love to hear up to date studies/research,etc. Best of luck to you!

Fingers crossed:)



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