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Erythema Multiforme, skin sloughing off of inside cheeks and vagina

After being in remission for five years, I was absolutely flabbergasted to find myself in a flare a few months ago. In the past (1999 - 2008) I was never given a confirmed diagnosis of Behcet's because the majority of my skin lesions were erythema mutiforme ( mostly associated with herpes). I did have some lesions compatible to discood lupus and lukemia. I do get cold sores which didn't coincide with flares and I don't have genital herpes. This new flare seems to be targeting my neurological system and I am getting numerous small lesions on my chest and shoulders that appear to be folliculate. Waiting to see a new rheumatologist as I am now living in a new province of Canada. My questions to all of you are: 1. Have any of you ever presented with erythema multiforme? 2. Have any of you ever had the outer skin slough off of your cheeks or vagina? My dentist was witness to this once and he was quite excited about it - said he never saw anything like it before!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated..........V

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Just sent you a private message



I meant to say skin sloughing off on inner cheeks and vulva.


I had something happen years ago, down below, and it was a Steven's Johnson's reaction to a sulphur based cream prescribed by a dermatologist. A new dermatologist has mentioned 'horrific scarring' and I was never sure if it was due to the cream or original ulcers.



Hi :)

I'm so sorry you are in pain again, it totally sucks.

I have the same thing on my vagina, it's so painful :( unfortunately I haven't been definitely diagnosed with bechets.

But I hope it helps to know someone else gets it too



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