Hi all,

Sorry if I haven't replied to anybody but I have been......................enjoying myself on holiday. I do pop in and out of the site occasionally and notice we have even more new members. I think it's a two way learning system. We oldies can talk about coping methods, patience, remedies and experience with Behcets but these young ones are much better at asking questions, demanding answers, researching, etc. etc.

I believe that together we can maybe find answers and certainly learn more and help each other through the long journey.

That's all fr now, back to the sun!!!!



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  • Billi, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. You are so right about us oldies helping the younger, more questioning youngsters!

    Hope you find that sun!!!!

    Best wishes, Suzanne x

  • Thanks and I certainly will!!!!


  • Hi Billi, welcome back. As Mentioned we oldies have a few remedies and coping methods up our sleeves as well as a bit of experience at recognising symptom for what they are (and not being fobbed off by inexperienced practitioners). Cheers Lesley

  • Hey Lesley good to hear from you, so how are things, are you getting any better with the treatment. As you've probably guessed we are back in Spain, it is just so relaxing here compared to London and also even though cold just now, lovely bright skies and smiley people. Really does help one feel a little better.



  • Hi Billi welcome back!


  • Sorry for the doubled up reply, too late at night LOL.

  • Hi Billi,

    No need to apologise - you enjoy the sun! I've heard that it is good medicine. I'm afraid I have to put myself in the demanding answers, questioning, research group but I think that comes with me also being from a medical background too. I also want to say though, sometimes, science and medicine, however advanced, just don't have the answers and I for sure am always very grateful for your words of wisdom and experiences. Happy holidaying, I hope it does you lots of good. X

  • Hi and thank you for you lovely words. Yes I think we are all learning throughout our lives and its stages and sometimes the answers we find are not the ones we hoped for or we actually find what we are looking for!!

    I am having a lovely time and yes the sun, blue skies and happy faces are a medicine in themselves.



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