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Skin under finger nails


Not sure if anyone can help but I have noticed that the join under the finger nails are splitting. It's almost like cuts but know I have not cut myself and seem to be happening to several fingers. Does this happen to anyone else or has anyone had this happen? Not sure whether to go to the doctors but am worried if the splits get bigger could become infected.

Thank you


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Hi not sure what you mean are the nails splitting vertically or is it the skin or cuticles?

There is a link for this posted today from Lesleyg. Put this in search and you might find more info and answers.

Hope this helps


Thank you, its the top of the nail at the end of the fingers just underneath. My nails are very strong but found it strange that where the skin meets just under the nail this is now coming away causing splits. The nails are healthy and in good colour I will look at the post.


Just noticed click on fingernails and it should come up


Yes and if I remember rightly there was something similar with photo posted by tigrfeet


Hello, I was just surfing the web and found you posted about a year ago a problem that has started to happen to me, in all of my fingers the skin just below the nail has started to split open in horizontal layers, it's painful and feels like the whole fingertips are a bit swollen. I am beginning to become desperate since I've had it for over a month and doesn't seem to improve much, could you share what did you do and/or found out about it? Thank you so much, really.


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