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Finger nails - problems


Has anyone else had any trouble with fingernails separating from their fingers? I have had a negative test for fungus infection, and I wonder if I have a form of psoriasis. I understand that this is also an auto-immune condition, and a number of my family suffer from it.

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Hi Suzanne

I have very mild psoriasis - just on my elbows - that gets worse when my BD gets worse. My consultant thinks there is a link - note the word 'thinks.'

Right back when I was first diagnosed, two of my toenails fell off. I was, to put it mildly, very concerned and told my GP (I was seeing him about something else at the time). He laughed at me. Now you've written this I feel vindicated!

I haven't had any repeats though.

Hello Di,

Thanks for your post.

My GP is not the slightest bit interested in my nail problems. As my thumb nails are particularly badly affected (and we all use these as tools for opening things etc.) it is causing me a load of problems. I cover up their unsightly appearance with nail polish (this is where being a girl is a good thing).

I too get mild psoriasis on my elbows, and sometimes around the back of my ears which sometimes spreads to my eyebrows. OMG, I sound so beautiful!!!!!

I am so glad you feel vindicated, anything to help, my deario!

All the best,


Oh yeah - back of my ears too but not the eyebrows.


It's funny you should say that i have had black toenails on both my big toes for 18 months now and everytime they grow out they grow back black! I have also had the tests for fungal infections but no answers.


Hello, I wanted to let you know that YES, I actually LOST 2 fingernails. Last year is when my BD really progressed quickly & in June, both of my index fingernails began to pit @ the cuticles. This lead to a hole in each nail & within 20 days, they sloughed off!!! I visited all 3 of my Drs (no longer my Drs either!!) and neither one of them thought anything! Omg, I didnt have any fingernails on either hand of my index finger!! & they never felt a concern! It took 6 mths to regrow new nails. But, they both are fine now ;) They progressed equally @ the same stage throughout the entire episode. It took 8 mths before I had a Dr tell me that it can happen with BD!! It was very painful.....I was rather sick & also malnourished @ the time bc BD has caused me to loose my appetite, so it had an effect on them as well.

Hi I still have toenails lifting from skin then falling off. I also have scalp and ear skin problems. I think as BD effects all parts of the body this is also part of the disease. As often in my case Drs dont tend to see this as important!

Oh wow - you know it was years ago when those toenails dropped off and because I'd just been diagnosed I automatically assumed it was part of the BD (as you do at first). I was suffering a lot of brain fog so my OH was with me at the docs - I can't remember what I'd gone to see him about. I clearly remember telling him, quite shocked, that two of my toenails had fallen off and he and my OH laughed in unison. I felt about 3 foot high!

Hi all,

I don't have nails coming away but i do have nails that split down the middle, no one is interested in the slightest!! There is no way to grow it out as it seems to come from the nail bed so sometimes i use superglue on the top to stop having a low break. The thing is you never know if this is to do with BD or not.

Hang in there me lovelies :o) xx

Hello everyone, as you probably know I'm having the worst attack yet.

Have very painful lesions on at least three fingers (big toe is almost better). I thought I might lose at least one nail but am not sure.

The only relief I'm getting is when the 'debris' works its way to the surface.

They usually take about a month to heal. Any tips appreciated.


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