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Can anyone please share with me a "disability questionnaire" for behcet?

I have had bd since 1960's, diagnosed in 2007 and currently in a bad place. I would like to explore possibility of disability benefit. My place of residence is not relevant, as my disability benefit ( if any) will come from an international org that has its own guidelines ( which unfortunately are as opaque as the former berlin wall)

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Hi, I think your first step is to get the form from the insurance company and see what information they require.

Collect as much information about yourself - hospital admissions, doctors visits etc and then fill out the form with as much information possible.

If they reject it or ask for more information at least you know where you stand with them.



Thank you very much. I saw the forms being used in Australia - as you indicated, it does work on the basis of points.

On the other hand, I explored the guidelines where I work - bottom line is individual must be unable to work 100%


there is a company called 'Benefits and Work' , who produce booklets on how to fill in claims forms to the best advantage. If you belong to a Union or similar body you may be able to access the information through them at no cost. I believe they do have a subscription - last time I looked it was around £20.00. The advice is very sound and the principles can be transferred to other documentation. I do agree with Lesley - bombard them with as much information as you can about your medical history and send them a research paper about Behcets - else they won't have heard of it; or think ' Oh, its just ulcers!!!'


Thank you very much, Toothfairy!!