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Unwanted adverts seem to have gone now.....happyish

Noticed that the advert for Viagra has been removed....thank you for that.

Hopefully we won't get any more, but if we do we need to click on the report button on that posting....hopefully it will be removed as quick as this one.

Would like to see a bit more involvement in general from Behcets Society Adman and Healthunlocked, as I think this comes about from people posting on this forum without making it private to this group.

I have included this link to explain how to make a posting private

by doing this it does protect the confidentiality of our conversations to some degree and ultimately gets better replies...I think

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Good idea Anrea to make posts private - helpful link to show how to do this

Am I right in thinking that the person posting question is only person who can mark private - later comments don't get this option?


Hi sian, once the person has made their question private....the whole posting including other comments are private

However, if the person hasn't pressed the private button when they posted their question etc....the replies from thereon are NOT private...hope this makes sense. :)

I have asked Healthunlocked to give a warning to people when they are posting, before it goes live...but as of yet this has not happened.


Hi Andrea

How do you make the post private? this new site gets me very confused!! As if the crazy BD doesn't do enough!!

I get 'the little blue tablets' [ mention no names as they'll flag it up in big green letters to advertise it again] -- advert to my personal email!!! Spam spam spam!!

I've not posted on here for a while - been looking now again - just been having the usual BD breakdown : )


Ahh I've just read a thread with a comment from a women at healthunlocked talking about a web site update

That's answered my question..

Still Hi to happy Andrea - - 007 !! Tigerfeet - - the lovely smiley Devonshiredumpling -- and cool calm Janine BD staff : ) : )


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