Dr. Yusuf Yazici

I've been referred to him by my local dr I've seen Dr Yazici once so this Tuesday will be my second time meeting with him. I'm just curious if anyone here has good or bad experiences with him or how open to IV infusions he is? I'm also curious if anyone has ever had radiation or chemotherapy for there bechets? I've heard people have tried it but I have not seen any good or bad out comes of it

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  • Hi Nicole! I have seen him, he confirmed tht I did in fact have BD & recommended a treatment plan. He typically recommends Imuran which is chemo as well as MTX & CellCept which are all oral. Chemo isnt just IV. MTX can be oral or injections. U must have a local Dr who will actually give u the meds & treat u bc he will not. He begins w Imuran usually & goes frm there. It does take 6mths to even begin wrkn! It did not work for me, after the 6mths were over, I started CellCept & for me, it has been the best!! He doesnt do a lot other than recommend a plan. Its nice to see him to get a diagnosis & plan but unless u are living in NYC he doesnt treat u. Good luck & if u want u can email me directly if u have more questions lesliekeel32@gmail.com

  • I have a rheumy, also at NYU that diagnosed me after consulting with him. My sense was that he was very busy and not very hands on...but that is only from opinions i have heard around the web. On another forum i heard he was cutting patients loose to focus on research.

  • Hi! Yes I have a local dr as well but he did treat me with colcrys idk maybe it's because I'm not too far away. He did let a lot of his patients go to focus strictly on BD patients and research. I was there for an hour and a half before he came into the room he did apologize and he did listen to me so well see how tomorrow goes

  • O wow you've seen Dr. Yazici!!!!!

    I've been wanting to travel to NYC to do so myself!!!!!!

  • Hey everyone! Lol yes Dr. Yazici is my Dr and is treating my BD as of now. I live in CT and I do have a local rheumatologist but he really wanted me to see Dr. Yazici so it's only a train ride away for me. Right now he's put me on imuran I'm starting at 50mg for a week then 100mg it goes by weight and I'm pretty tiny so that's my dose but if need be I'll go on 150mg and if that only works 50% then I'll be on that plus prednisone and infusions of remicade. I know people travel all over to see him and he has a waiting list a couple months long if when I first went it was October and the secretary told me he wanted me in there ASAP I didn't think anything of it until she told me the wait was until March!!! Anyway I read that you're new on here so feel free to private message me if you need anything! You're in canada? I heard that there's a pretty impressive dr there as well! Take care!

  • Hi Nicole, I just noticed your post. I am going to see Dr. Yazici in February for the first time. I noticed you mentioned a specialist in Canada - where? I live in Toronto and have not been successful finding one who specializes in Behcets. Thanks for your time, S.

  • Hey! I'm going back for a follow up with Dr. Yazici in January but it may end up being sooner than that because he put me on imuran about a month ago and I just found out that it gave me acute pancreatitis. I'm being treated at home with a nurse that has been coming everyday. This has been really hard because every medication that I've been on I've had bad reactions from and it's just been non stop. You will like him he's very nice and he will take the time to listen to all your symptoms and he also gives his email out so if you ever have any questions or concerns all you have to do is email him and he typically responds pretty quickly. Where are you from? I know if you don't live close to him he won't actually treat you but he will normally work with your local rhuemy and then go from there. I live in CT so he does prescribe all my meds and corresponds with my local rhuemy. He was also the second dr to confirm my BD. If you have any questions feel free to private message me or email me n.carrier1986@gmail.com and I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about him. And please let me know how your appointment goes! Also if anyone else wants to email me please feel free :)

  • Woww

    Probably the best dr on this disease, I saw his dad Hasan Yazici in Turkey about 18 years ago , and he confirmed my bd , because I live in London i could not continue with Dr Yazici but am under another best dr here , Dr Kidd at Royal Free. Good luck

  • Thanks so much! I am going to see him in about 2 months (in NYC) so hopeful!

  • Omg!! I'm so glad iv read this! I saw Dr. Yusuf Yazici last week while I was on holiday in NY. He's brilliant. He's emailed my doctor here in the UK and has recommended azathioprine(Imuran) for 6 months and then adding a TNF drug and said I have an 80% chance of my BD going into remission. So now I have to wait to see my doctor here which is next month. Iv been told that TNF drugs are expensive and they have to be approved before giving them. So let's see what happens when I go. I'll be pretty annoyed if I have trouble getting this drug.

    Peace and love ❤️✌️

  • Hi Dezie

    I bbelieve that if you attend one of the national centres of excellence in UK and they recommend one of the expensive treatments then they fund it. it is given to yoy locally but then that trust can reclaim it from the national centre. if you lok at the centres of excellence site on web it explains this.

    Good luck with getting the right meds for you.

  • Hi

    Thanks for you reply.

    So what does national centre of excellence actually do??

  • There are three Behcet's Centres of Excellence - The Royal London, Aintree and Birmingham. They see Behcet's patients and have one stop clinics where you can see all the specialists in one day. They have a support worker for Behcet's who can help with benefits and all sorts of other things. They have control of the funding for biological drugs. Which part of the country are you in?

  • Hi

    Thanks so much for your help. I'll look into that. I live in North West London Middlesex. Is it only certain areas they cover?


  • I found it! The company N.i.C.E, I'll read up more, just have to wait for my hospital appointment at the end of next month, trying not to get stress out about the fact they might not give it to me!

    Thanks again for your help

    Happy holidays

  • Gosh Dezie how did you come to see Dr Yaziki on holiday? was it chance, or did you plan it in? Sounds like a great meeting anyway so good luck x

  • Hi

    I planned my holiday and appointment the same time! I have family in US and they helped too which was helpful.

    Glad I went!

    Happy holidays!


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