Any more misdiagnosis statements would be very much appreciated

Well, I am still making slow progress and my MP is taking a more solid interest now.

I was recently sent a link to a Multiple Sclerosis forum about the misdiagnosis of "CFS/ME" when MS is the correct diagnosis.

I have joined their forum to ask for help from anyone there affected as we have been here.

I had another e.mail at the weekend from an anonymous person saying that I should take this issue all the way to the European Court of Human Rights but I would of course need to find a solicitor.....

I am also putting together a letter to the Chief Medical Officer but I will not send it until I have collated any more anonymous statements to illustrate my arguments.

This is all difficult work for me as I am not well and have to push myself up a virtual 1 in 3 hill every day having only had a few hours sleep due to pain.

However, the more I learn the more determined I am to keep going with this project.

Many thanks to those who are also supporting this initiative.


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