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Site probs

Just to let you all know I have sent an email to the site managers stating our probs and that the site is supposed to be for us, and dealing with an illness is bad enough without not being able to contact people or vice versa, plus all the ones who have already given up and left the site. Hope they will listen and do something. I did ask them to reply in a post so that all of us who can will see it. Hugs and Smiles to all


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well done Billi...I have also been reporting problems and stated that I didn't think the new website was very user friendly particularly for people who are ill/disabled....I know I am having problems but don't want the forum we all built up between us go down the pan because of the difficulties using it.

Hopefully some of this will help

I will let you know if I get a reply to mine as well



That was a good idea. It is so sad that people have stopped using the site.

Hugs Clare x x


Yes it is very sad as I think the contact with others is so important and for some a lifeline. Lets hope it will be resolved and if we stay and try to encourage others Maybe eventually our missing friends will return.




Fingers crossed. C x x


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