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Just been diagnosed with diverticular disease

Hi I was diagnosed with diverticular disease 2 weeks ago after being rushed to hospital. My phosphate levels dropped dramatically to 3%. Was kept in.

I've been unwell since July either with constipation or diarrhorea or both in same day.

I been off work now for 6 weeks . Had a colonoscopy whilst in hospital, which gave diagnosis.

Discharged with no information about anything.

I'm eating fibre every day now, which is helping to stop diarrhorea. But I'm having a bowel movement at least 5 times a day. Which isn't helpful for work.

Any suggestions please

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Sorry to hear this. Hope u are ok? Did you have diverticulitis? I have been diagnosed with diverticular disease too on a laparoscopy and they offered nothing either. The said 'special care needed for bowels' but not what that means. Now they want to do a colonoscopy. What are your symptoms? I am not sure if mine could all be attributed to the diverticular disease. I have diarrhea and colitis. You are going 5 times is it normal (formed & not painful) and just frequent? Maybe it is your body adjusting to fibre if so?


I had been having diarrhorea for months, ended up off work. Then admitted to hospital in Dec due to all my electrolytes being so low.

I had a colonoscopy whilst in hospital. They just told me I had Diverticular disease, that was it, no further info, then discharged.

I am now adjusting my diet, having bran flakes every day, wholemeal bread and trying to have veg with my dinner, also drinking more water and more fruit juice.

No fizzy juice.

Took a couple of weeks for my bowels to settle.

Now going 2 to 3 times a day, not constipated.

Logging all my food intake, bowel movements etc on an app.


Please join facebook page diverticular disease upport UK. It's a good support

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