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Little advice?

Basically. In the past I've had the odd complaint in the bedroom,

But I've never talked openly with a partner until now,

luckily I landed a beautiful 34year old, I'm 23,

and we talk about sex, which is good I guess...

I've seen her for about a month. And she told me recently

that it hurts her when she wees after sex

she says it's cause I'm to big for her. honestly I haven't exactly measured.

so I'm not going to guess.

But with younger women in the past. I've split a few,

I had more sex and developed some kind of techniques.

so I don't think it's my motion hurting her.

Sometimes I go to deep. but she let's me know. And our sex is great.

But she tells me. She has had stomach pains a few days after

and it's stings etc. but she still wants me obviously.

I just don't want this to become a problem.

I Google the topic. Most people put it down to lubricant.

but each time has been protected.

she definitely wants me cause she's soaking, and I hope down on her in between.

only saying that because I don't think lubricant is the solution.

so yeah?

I don't wanna hurt her. or it to affect us,

sex is great, but bothers her after.

what do I do?

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It sounds like you need to upgrade to a "slippier" lubricant. The water based ones can dry out during sex so I'd recommend a silicone based one. Some chemists have these but you would probably be better buying it if off an online pharmacy. The one I'd recommed is called ID Millennium.

If you are both in a new relationship I'd also recommend you head along to your doctors / sexual health clinic and both get a sexual health checkup. If your partner goes she can be examined to check there are no skin problems causing her symptoms.


You both need a sexual health check up & your girlfriend needs to be seen & examined at a sexual health clinic to check out the stomach pains & the pain when she wees.


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