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Tongue / Mouth Ulsers

Ok, so i'm 17 years old, I've been with my partner for around 2 years now, we're both virgins but have done oral sexual activity for about a year now. none of us have any STD's as we are completely each others first for everything.

I got some tongue ulsers, like lots of small spots on my tongues like when you eat something hot and it burns. then a few nights later i performed oral sex on my girlfriend involving my mouth on her vagina.

she has these ulsers on her tongue and mouth now and believes she has caught them from kissing me but it worried she will now get an STD because i did mouth-vagina action?


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Tongue and mouth ulcers are very common and on the whole aren't caused by infections.

However there is the cold sore virus which the majority of us get when we are children or teenagers. The cold sore virus can cause ulcers on the lips / tongue and mouth and can be passed on from kissing.

The cold sore virus is passed on from skin to skin contact so If you don't get the cold sore virus in childhood you can be unlucky and get it later on your genitals (this is mainly from oral sex with the virus being passed from lips to genital area) this is traditionally known by the cold sore virus's other name of "herpes".

Herpes is a very misunderstood condition... in reality it's just cold sores that you have on your genitals rather than your lips. has some great information.

I'd recommend you both go and see your GP's and let them have a look at the mouth ulcers and see what they think.

If neither of you have any genital symptoms you don't need to worry too much but is probably worth you both popping into a sexual health clinic to have a chat about contraception STIs etc.


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