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the condom broke but we noticed shortly after, chances of being pregnant?

the head of the condom snapped open so the head of the penis was completely exposed, i thought i felt n heard something so we were only having sex for like another minute before we stopped and noticed it.

is there a risk i could be pregnant? my last period came 2 weeks early so i'm not sure whether to expect this one on this new schedule or expect it 2 weeks late

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Pre-cum has lots of sperm in it so even though the exposure was short I would still look into emergency contraception if this was a recent event.

Find your local family planning clinic / sexual health clinic (google them!) and go and see them (or phone them up to ask about emergency contraception ("morning after pill and coils"). Where you are in your menstrual cycle and when the sex was will guide what kind of emergency contraception is needed.

has good information

Also proably best that you go on something longer term and a bit more reliable than condoms, have a chat with your clinic.

Either way you need to do a pregnancy test three weeks after the condom snap, good to get checked out for STI's too as you're in a new relationship (take your BF along to get tested too!).


You need to take the "Morning after pill", and then do a pregnancy test 3 weeks later.

I would advise you to go to a Contraceptive Clinic, as they can give you this tablet, and then advise you (or even start you today) on a more reliable form of contracption.

You should also have a sexual health screen to make sure you haven't any sexually transmitted infections.


I live in Belfast so i wouldn't know where contraceptive clinics are. I don't have any std's, he had a screening before we were together from a past relationship and i haven't been with anyone but him.



Most hospitals have a sexual health or GUM department. If you look at your local hospital's webiste, you should be able to find one.

I just want to say that I hope you got contraception, and if not, that you've done a pregnancy test by now.

This happened to me and I took the morning after pill the same day. I assumed that I wasn't pregant, but after five weeks, I still hadn't had a period. I did a test and it was positive, but unfortunately I had a miscarriage soon aftwerwards and it was a horrible experience.

It's in your best interest to get medical advice, wherever possible.



the same thing happened to me, do you think it was caused by the pill?


This is a link to the Family Planning association find a clinic website (There are lots of clinics in Belfast to choose from)

Failing that head to your GP.

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big chances since sperm could have escaped into vaginal canal. morning after pill is warranted here unless u want to deal with unwanted pregnancy or messy legal battle to get an abortion (abortion now is not a medical issue it is legal) listen to the news each night.


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