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Chlamydia Soars in Over 45's

Cases of chlamydia among the over-45s has more than doubled in ten years alongside other sexually transmitted infections as a result of rising divorce rates and higher rates of unprotected sex among older people.

This has been fueled in part, according to epidemiologists, by the development of drugs to treat erectile dysfunction and the availability of online dating. In the past few years, the greatest increase in the use of online dating services occurred in those over the age of 50. And becoming widowed or divorced is leading to exposure to more sexual partners and a greater risk of an STI.

The groups that tend to take STIs the least seriously are middle-aged and older people. Statistics from a recent study published in Student British Medical Journal indicate that approximately 80 percent of those between the ages of 50 and 90 remain sexually active. They may have ushered in the sexual revolution but it seems the baby boomers remain quite naive when it comes to the risks of STIs. They are less likely to practice safe sex than their younger counterparts, some believing that because pregnancy is no longer possible, contraception is not needed. And at every age, women are at greater risk of acquiring an STI, with women post menopause at the highest risk.

In many retirement communities in Florida and Arizona, there are six single women for every single man. STIs have been widely spread by men, referred to as “condo cowboys”, who have multiple sexual partners and do not practice safe sex. In the UK, one survey last year found one in ten Britons aged over 50 was happy to have a fling on holiday. Research has also suggested older ‘swingers’ are pushing up rates of STIs with some of the highest rates among heterosexual couples who swap partners at organized parties and indulge in group sex.

Chlamydia, the UK’s most common STI, rose from 1,184 to 2,812 – a jump of 138 per cent. Taking a chlamydia test today could help prevent future health problems.

An STD test is vitally important if you have multiple sexual partners or are in a new relationship. If you are beginning a new relationship, think about getting tested first. Obtain fast, accurate results with a home chlamydia testing kit.

Be Safe, Get Tested.

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The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV supports increased Sexual Infection testing in all age groups; in the UK STI tests and treatments are easily accessible and free via your own doctor (GP), Sexual Health Clinics, Local Pharmacies and other NHS providers.

Visit the NHS Choices website to find your local confidential and free NHS Sexual Health Service




Agree with the sentiment of Shrav5 but you must use extreme caution when buying STI tests over the internet, tests which you do at home on the whole aren't recommmeded because they in most cases aren't accurate enough. If any test doesn't have the CE quality mark / kite mark on it then it's illegal (and more importantly useless).

If you really don't want to go to a sexual health clinic (some do send out testing packs requested on the internet) then use a well known private internet service like DrThom who will send you out (at a price) a propper sampling kit which you send back to them and they will email you your results.

It's much easier to go to a clinic / gp though!


Older people ( that is over 25's!!!) have to be wary about STIs and should not feel embarrassed to visit GU Medicine GUM) or Sexual Health services. All treatment in UK GUM clinics is also free and delivered on site, along with information about infections and how to protect yourself from catching them. Condoms are available and also free!


Whilst I agree with the comments made above. The simple fact is older people don't want to seen going into GUM clinics in there local hospitals, and they are unable to get free home testing kits, because all the schemes under this banner are restricted to the Under 25 age group. The are many divorced men in this age group enjoying gay sex for the first time while postal HIV test are easy to get, it's inpossible to get postal STI testing unless your willing to pay out fairly large sums of money


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