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Combined pill + missed period

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Hi, I have been on the combined pill (microgynon) for around 2 years now. I once stopped a pack for a month and went back on my period with no problems. However, recently I decided to track any changes when taking the pill and when not, so I stopped for this month. Now, I am 10 days late and my last period has not been since 34 days ago. I have been active however protection has been used and usually my partner does not finish inside me, although I cannot remember if we have used protection for all the times. I have researched that it could take up to 3 months for my period to regulate however I'm afraid of the risk of being pregnant. Should I buy a pregnancy test or should I wait....?

2 Replies
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I have also been having 2 periods in one month lately however I thought that would be from missing a pill in those months. I had 2 in May 2022 and then again this September...

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There are two issues here. The first is your expected menses not appearing when you thought it should , and the possibility of unprotected sex during that time. If this is the case I would definitely do a pregnancy test.

The second is unscheduled bleeding while on the pill...which is very common and unlikely to be caused by just one missed pill. As mentioned on here many times before, are your smears up to do and have you had previous sti testing or testing since this relationship. Has anything changed in your medical history. If the problem recurs or if any of the above not up to date you should discuss with your GP

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