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Taking doxycycline

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hello, I found out recently that I have chlamydia and so started the treatment just a few days ago, which is doxycycline.

Question is, can I still have sex with my partner using condoms? The reason why I am asking is because everywhere I read about chlamydia it recommends no sex during the treatment period.

3 Replies
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try not to because you never know the condom could break etc so you’d still be at risk of infection !

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wait until you've finished the course of the medication as its abit risky think if it was the other way around would you have sex with someone with a sti even if they use a condom??? Unless you've discussed this with the person your going to have sex with and told them you have chlamydia and they are ok about it

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No sex is recommended as peoples condom use varies and as the other posters mention breakages do.occur requiring re-treatment . Partner should also have been screened treated and advised no sex also.

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