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Is there more that one type of IUD? If so, what are their pros and cons for each each ?

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Hey Sally222.

There are various different types of IUD: betterhealth.vic.gov.au/hea...

I was on the PoP for around 10 years but decided that taking a pill on time every day, as well as the variables and risks that comes with interfering medication and/or being sick etc, that this just wasn't working for me anymore!

I made the decision to get the Jaydess IUD after having a consultation with a nurse and then a clinician. I believe that it is a lower hormonal dose than other IUDs which is what I wanted.

I had wanted to get the Copper IUD but the clinician swore me off of it! She said she strongly advises against them as you have to check for the strings every month due to bleeding during your period being far heavier with this option.


The installation of it wasn't pleasant - I won't lie! But as long as you have friendly people with you it'll be over quickly and then you don't have to think about taking a pill again! (which I am loving!)

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I think that clinician is being unfair to the copper IUD. Not every woman experiences heavier menses due to it , and also it is unnecessary to check the strings every month . Expulsion can happen but it is very uncommon.

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AnxietyWars in reply to Galen70

I do agree that my clinician was probably just trying to scare me off of it.

Hei,Are many types but each clinic are doing different wants,you need to choose what you want and after to search the gp or sexual health clinic that are doing.I had jaydess and after 6 months I took out because I had pain and period continue.Now I have non hormonal one Nova T copper woth silver core and I am ok.

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