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Please help 😭

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I’ve never experienced this before and with health anxiety it’s hard for my mind not to go to worst case right away. I just had sex with my partner and after we were done I’m left with this severe lower abdominal pain, worse than a period, struggle to walk with out it hurting so much. Every time I move it’s killing me. It’s my lower abdomen and pelvis area. Really debating calling NHS 24. Has anyone got experience with this? My mind is racing!!!!!! Again so so sorry if this is TMI 🫣😳 I’m just really scared

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If your symptoms have not settled down, you should contact NHS 111. Best wishes.

They are so much calmer than when I wrote this post, it just feels uncomfortable to cough or laugh hard so I’m thinking maybe I’ve strained some muscles down there, thank you for your reply xx

Good to hear. Hope all settles.

Hey Littlechopsxo,

If this is something that has never happened before and it feels more like a muscle pain now it is possible you may have just strained something.

While you may be anxious, it is still very important to take other things into account too. Just keep an eye on that pain and if it doesn't go away, or if you find that you keep having pain during or after sex, I would advise seeing a professional.

Doesn't mean it is anything too scary - but it would be wise to just make sure you are okay if it keeps happening :)

I hope you are feeling better x

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