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Pain during sex

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Hi, wondering if anyone has any advice. For a while I’ve been getting pain during sex went to my GP and all tests came back normal and told to try lube. Must have spent around £70-£100 on different lubes but sex is still painful. Feels like a burning sensation, anyone know what it could be or anything else to try before i go back to my GP?

13 Replies
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What sex are you? I could not make out from your posts.

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slclife in reply to xsevenx

Apologies. Female

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xsevenx in reply to slclife

Not an ideal situation. Pester your GP to refer you to a gynaecologist.

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Are you using condoms? Some people can be allergic to the latex in them, maybe worth trying latex free ones if you are using them.

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slclife in reply to Apples1234

No we don't, I do have an allergy to latex was found out when I went for allergy tests around 5/6 years ago.

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Could be a latex allergy or an allergy to spermicide. Could also be something like endometriosis, adenomyosis, or something else a gynaecologist would be able to diagnose that a GP might miss.

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slclife in reply to toastkid

I do have a latex allergy so don't use condoms etc. I was referred to gynae and everything came back normal which is the confusing part.

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This might seem like an odd reply but is your significant other too big and causing you discomfort?

Can you describe the pain and where/when you experience it?

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slclife in reply to metalminded

Been together over 4 years and this is something that's started in the last year so I wouldn't have thought so, sex was great prior to this. The pain is like a burning/ stinging feeling and only happens on penetration.

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metalminded in reply to slclife

That is odd, especially since you’ve been together so long. I suppose the best option is going back to your gynecologist for follow up.

Does he have any pain or discomfort during the same time?

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slclife in reply to metalminded

No, none at all.

Thank you for the advice, ill chase them up for another appointment.

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That’s interesting as I’m suffering from the same thing, not been checked out at all. Maybe I should contact my GP.

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You should attend a sexual health clinic for examination and investigation. If all of your tests are negative and your examination normal , you need to consider vaginismus or more likely vulvodynia. The sexual health clinic can refer you onwards if this is thought to be the diagnosis .

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