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how do you stop recurring thrush?

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Hi, please can anyone help me :( i have been having mouth thrush everytime i start my period for over 2 years now and since last year it started affecting down my vaginal area too. Its a non stop itchy feeling and its the worst! Ive tried everything, even went to docs so many times and blood tests said my vitamin D is low but i have been having vitamin D tablets for over a year that still hasnt stopped it. The doctors havent been helpful at all, they dont think its serious bc all the blood tests come out normal but i really feel theres something wrong with me and its really affecting my mental health :( im only 23 and had this problem since i was 20. Ive never even had a sexual relationship so i dont know whats causing it

5 Replies
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If you are in the UK, you should attend a sexual health clinic for assessment.

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Why? Are the men gynaecologists getting desperate for fresh flesh?

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No I said a sexual health unit. They specialise in discharge and recurrent vaginal problems. Gynaecologists are primarily surgeons.

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And if you are concerned you can ask for a female sexual health doctor.

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I have had this problem in the past the only thing that helped me is is that i stopped using perfume soaps and creams because that whats caused it from the first place, use alot of probiotics like yogurt in your diet and take Fluconazole Capsule - 150mg

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