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Vaginal discharge

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I’ve been having yeast infection and bacterial vaginitis none stop for a couple years now. I’ve been to the GP and they prescribe me with medication which clears it up for a couple months and it comes back again. I’ve had vaginal swabs and they’ve come back clear but I know there’s something, the discharge is white and sometimes has an unpleasant smell. I don’t know what else to do the GP doesn’t really help especially during corona appointments are limited

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Hi Charlie I was similar to you the yeast infections will be from the antibiotics getting rid of all your good bacteria as well as the bad.Then as I was having an examination by a gynaecologist he said I had BV I had ever heard of it that followed months of it coming and going . I decided to research more natural cures after a lot of trail and error this is what I do . I sent fir Balance Active on Amazon for the BV use for one week then twice a week to keep it away after some months I did not need this any more as I was useing probiotic for women Optibac two a day also from Amazon then I started viginel probiotics by Canisflor also from Amozon I get them regular a’s a bit cheaper ,this took me ages to work out and it’s not instant I took the Obtibac for months with the Balance Active to start with I have not had BV for over a year now my gynaecologist is okay with this as I don’t do well on anti biotics .I Carnt believe it please try and don’t give up if it takes a year it’s worth it even the cost is too . My routine is every morning I take Obtibac for Women with my breakfast and twice a week at bedtime the vaginal probiotics and D Mannose powder every morning for cystitis 🙏good luck

Omggg this is a lot of information to take in, soo how many months did you have to take all these medications overall and did the NHS help with the cost at all?

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Galen70 in reply to Charlie002

None of these treatments would be NHS funded.

Charlie you need to go to a sexual health clinic and have microscopy done to assess if your vaginal flora is normal. They are the specialists in discharge - not gynaecologists, who don't have access to microscopy.

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Charlie002 in reply to Galen70

Okay thank you i will give them a visit

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maryemma in reply to Charlie002

No unfortunately not

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