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Ulcer after sex


After unprotected sex (this has happened twice) a white blister appears at the base of the entrance to the inside of my vagina. It is a little sore and appears the day after sex and only lasts about 2-3 days. Because it appears so soon after sex I’m hoping it’s not an STD but I can’t be sure. Could you help? And would it help if I uploaded a photo of it for a proper assessment?

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Best to get it checked out could be a chance it could be herpes as they are rather painful when you have a outbreak. They are like white blisters that appear and are sore around that area usually get a few so best to get looked at and avoid sex for now as it can spread person to person with an outbreak x

Herpes blisters are clear , fluid filled bubles that last for a very short period of time before they burst. They are not white. Agreed a sexual health clinic assessment when symptomatic is the best path

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