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Chlamydia and PID


How long after testing positive for Chlamydia does it take for PID to develop? I tested positive for Chlamydia in October and received treatment straight away then tested negative in the December when i retested. Could PID still have developed plus would the symptoms be showing now? I keep feeling nauseous but I am unsure whether this is due to exam anxiety which I am currently suffering.

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Not everyone with chlamydia gets PID. Nausea on its own would not be a hallmark feature of PID. If your chlamydia was treated, then you should not be at further risk of PID, until you had further risk since that time. The symptoms of PID can include pain during sex, fever , nausea , discharge , abdominal pain.

Its hard to know exactly how many women get PID with one episode of chlamydia, because you cant do nothing if you find a positive result and see who gets ill. Women who have chlamydia more than once are more likely to develop PID than women who have it just the one time. From your description, you would be low risk for PID. But if worried, after COVID , go for a check up at a clinic.

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