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Recurring thrush?

Hi, recently I've been suffering from recurrent thrush, white cottage like discharge and irritation every month normally couple days before my period, or sometimes after sexual intercourse, symptoms often disappear untreated after my period or straight away when medication is used . Any tips on how to afford thursh all together, as it's very annoying to deal with on a regular basis

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Hi, I’m not a doctor but I had same problem for years in the past. What I suggest is definitely get to see a doctor so you can start a treatment suitable for you. But also avoid sugar, I’ve been tested on myself and apparently candida bacteria is feeding with sugar from your body. This will be really helpful if you can give up almost completely on sugar. And secondly take care of your intestines. Cause candida (thrush) is a bacterial infection that is happening in your intestines, but you can see the results of the infection in your vaginal area. I don’t know if I’m allowed to suggest any particular brand of any supplement that will help with intestines. What I done and helped me to get rid of it for years was: I started to take every day on empty stomach one tea spoon of coconut oil. This is really helpful, you will notice the difference. And then I used a supplement that helped me improve my intestines health. Also avoid probiotics since you may have a yeast infection on your body , then the probiotics will only make it worse. This was my and my sister problem for years. Since we didn’t know that our body was infected with yeast and we would get thrush very often. I hope you will get better. All the best!

P.S. also if you ever get a antibiotic treatment remember to get one pill of Fluconazole from the pharmacy in the first day of your antibiotic, and another one after 7 days. This will help prevent any thrush recurrence in the future. Also eat yogurt with live bacteria ( in the same time with antibiotics) , but avoid probiotics. For some reasons probiotics will only increase the problem since you got yeast infection in your body, which I think is your case.


Im sorry Pittzy that you have had a lot of difficulties in the past. I have to clear up some of the misconceptions in your post which are widespread even amongst health professionals. Yeast infection are in general more common in diabetics , but there is no evidence the sugar intake in your diet affects this in the majority of women. Treating yourself with fluconazole, then again one week later, may treat candida , but there is no evidence this works as prophylaxis.


Hi Properdoc, thanks for correcting my misconceptions. I had mentioned that this is my experience with candida. Also best and first advice is obviously to consult a doctor. As regarding the prophylaxis with Fluconazole, there is no evidence because sometimes there are no tests conducted to give this results. But if they will conduct such a test, maybe the results will be positive. Medicine is limited and treat humans with numbers. But not all the organism are the same. Also with medicines. There are some medicines that will work perfectly with some individuals and to some other individuals can cause severe side effects. Therefore Fluconazole prophylaxis for Candida may work perfectly for some of us. All the best!


Hi Pittzy,

Fluconazole will certainly treat Candida ( Albicans, not Glabrata which is highly resistant but only 5% cases ) and if a person takes a weekly dose for several months, which is suppressive therapy, then they wont get candida. Perhaps this is what you mean. But if they have a single treatment for one episode thrush , then taking fluconazole doesn't mean that 6 months from now it wont come back again.

And yes every person and every persons response to treatment is different.

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Please see my response to Pittzy below and I would suggest you attend a sexual health service for assessment. There would then be a discussion about candida , its causes and management.


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