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How to get rid of yellow tint in semen

I'm a little embarrassed to say but o well. My semen has been like a tint of yellow for like a couple of years. Now I don't smoke or drink alcohol, and I have never sexual intercourse with no one. What should I do?

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Funny. There’s s simple fix for this. Drink more water. Semen is clearish-whites. However it gains color as takes on urea or blood in the urethra prior to ejaculation. The yellow tint is gained from residual urine in the urethra that adds to the semen as it is excreted. Your urine is yellow due to the high concentration of the urea nitrogen and toxins released by your kidney. To achieve clear urine, you should hydrate with more water. After your urine clears in color, your semen will have its nature clearish-white shade.


Thanks for replying back. Appreciate it


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