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REALLY need help


Me and my boyfriend are both virgins and we have been trying to have sex a couple of times now. But it never works because he ejaculates too soon. He brought the possibility of having premature ejaculation and since then he has been quite sad because he sees it has being his fault. I don't want him to think that he has some kind of duty because this is obviously even more stressful. How can I help him feel better about himself in such hard subject for so many guys?

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This is a hard one because it's put of your control, but it's always best to be open with your partner about sex. Let him know you don't blame him, you're not angry or disappointed. If you're newer to sex there's loads you can start trying together anyway, it's not all about penetrative sex. Just stay safe & have fun!

Daily masturbation (or handjobs by his GF) with water-based lube focused on the head of the penis will fix him in no time. He should mastubate 2-3x times daily for at least 2 months. Use a timer to add 30 sec to his original time each week. He’ll be just fine very soon. It’s the penile head that’s the issue. The nerves are very sensitive and need to be a bit desensitized to enable him to last longer. It’s just like muscle fatigue when you workout. So the more you do it the longer you can go.

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