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Help !!

I’m 23 years old I have a young daughter , I trusted a man and I rushed myself to the hospital because I thought it was razor burns. Well found out it was herpes. I’m having my first outbreak how do y’all cope with this?? I’ve been a wreck since i found out 😩

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It’s a difficult thing to deal with at first, I didn’t want to accept it at all. A year and a half later I’ve come to terms with it and I’m still with my partner who I had to tell about it and he wasn’t bothered at all. The way I look at it, is that it’s a skin condition that has the odd outbreaks here and there. Some people’s get better but the first outbreak is always the worst! I’ve been taking the medication for Herpes for over a year and I’m now coming up to having a break from it to see if the outbreaks have calmed down. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet about Herpes. Before I spoke to anyone I was looking at every website about Herpes and I scared myself. Just look on either the nhs website or the Herpes.org website they’re very helpful! There are also forums with people with Herpes who share their experiences and healing methods, that’s helped me a lot too! You’re not the only one, it’s fairly common just have to deal with it in your own way and it will get better. Good luck


Thank you that was very helpful . Hopefully i can get over this and move on with my life .

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Hi... I know how you feel. I've had this since I was in my 20's.. thanks to a unfaithful partner... I'm now 67... As this is your first attack, hopefully they gave you something which could knockout the virus... sometimes it works.

First of all let's get this into perspective. Herpes is so common now, not surprisingly, plus there's always a risk of getting any type infection at the beginning of a relationship, as people don't come along with a health certificate... more's the pity. The annoying thing with this is that there is no cure as such.The first outbreak is the worst... you may find that you rarely get attacks ... some people don't after the first one, but they're not aware they are carriers. Some have cold sore on the mouth..(. that can be transferred via oral sex).. You may find it flares up from time to time.... often around the time of your period.

It's not the end of your sex life... it can be worked around.. but you need to understand how this virus works, so have a read through a very informative website www. hva.org.uk and if you get in touch with them, they may still stock lidocaine 5%, as it's stronger than the 2% which you can buy over the counter. What it does is to numb the area.. which does help with the pain.

I could go into the in's and out's of diet, amino acids etc , so if you need any info on that just drop me a line. But, keep eating well, healthily, try to get enough sleep and not stressed out, as it can trigger attacks when someone is run down.

Going back to this 'person' who gave it to you.. they might not be aware they have it... so don't beat yourself up over it... at moment no doubt you feel the bottom has dropped out of your world.. things will get better.

Take care x

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I only found out i have herpes early june after going to get checked out during my first outbreak. Im not on any medication for it because i was told to only go back if I have an outbreak again. The GUM clinic i went to isnt comforting, i could hear the people who work on reception laughing at my misfortune as i was crying.

I feel so alone all the time


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