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Oral sex with herpes type 2

I got herpes from my ex a long time ago and gave to my girlfriend by accident. She excepted it and we are still together happily. She has the virus and got it from me. So now that we both only have hsvp2 can I go down on her (oral) with out worring about getting type 1 on my face since she got type 2 from me?

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You both have HSV2 and will have antibodies to it, so you cant reinfect one another at a different site. e.g if you've had genital HSV2 you now wont get it on your lips

Having had HSV2 doesn't give you any immunity to HSV1, but if I'm understanding you right, neither of you has that to pass to the other. So you will be OK provided neither of you has another partner with HSV1

Go for it

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Yes I only have hsv 2 and same for her so at the moment we are clear from type 1. I read a lot that type 2 could react and turn into type 1 but that didn’t make a lot of sense.


I think the confusion arises because HSV1 likes to infect the lips but occasionally infects the genitals. Whereas with HSV2 its the other way around it likes to infect the genitals but can occasionally infect the lips. Oral sex is a really common way for this to happen, but you both have the same type so you will be fine.

Of course either of you could have an outbreak of your HSV2 at any time but you cant spread it to other areas on one another.

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Thanks a lot that helps and makes sense!


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