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Need answers

Can someone help me so I’m with this boy who’s my boyfriend we start dating in December he told me he goes to get a check up every month his been moving funny towards me on Monday I spoke to him Tuesday he was giving me dead replies didn’t want to answer me so I message him on the Wednesday and tell him I’m not messaging u no more he said he went clinic yesterday and found out he has a std I haven’t slept with no one except for him but his blaming me does that make any sense the last times before we was even together in December I didn’t have sex for 6months until I met him it just don’t make no sense

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Sorry to say, I smell a RAT.. I'd would be very wary of someone who says they get checked out every month! Suggests they're screwing around. Is that the kind of person you want as a boyfriend??? Would suggest you move on and forget about him. But for your own peace of mind, go to your local GU clinic and get tested, as it's possible to have an std and have little or no symptoms.

I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear,


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