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Small white spots on the Virginia

I am aware that itchiness and the occasional pain is very common for an STI. However, I have noticed that there are white spot like blisters on my genital area. They look a lot like the white spot/ blisters you can get from chlamydia in the throat and I can’t find anything on the internet that explained what this could be.

I am going to a clinic to get it checked also however, for the mean time I am trying to find what it could be so I’m prepaired for the outcome should it be bad.

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Hello Turina. We could be able to work out what you possibly have while waiting for a proper work up. First I need to get few details from you.

Do you have any vaginal discharge? if yes what color?

Any symptoms at other parts of your body like rash?

Do you know if your sexual partner has STI or symptoms or same?

Do you have any medical condition? diabetes?

Any recent use of antibiotics?

Do you use contraception

Lastly do you have pubic hairs? *in case it is a case of pubic lice.



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