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Stuck in a serious situation right here plz give me an answer asap I'm nervous and scared

I have an important question and I need like a nurse or an expert to plz answer as soon as possible. Okay so like back in December me and the person who had sexual intercourse caught chlamydia and we both got treated. And 3 weeks passed and we had sex without a condom coukd we have gotten the infection again?

Another question I end up having sex with another person who has never had chlamydia or any type of infection before so if I got treated from chlamydia and this person has never had chlamydia or any infection did she end up catching it or did we both get it again?

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Firstly, Chlamydia can be easily contracted and for some, apart from initial mild symptoms which disappears, often people don't know they've got it.... so, even if someone thinks they don't have it ... they could.... amongst other things

The answer is get tested again and always use protection... even if your results are clear..


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