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So I had unprotected sex back round Christmas time. I've had past history of testicular aching same side coming and going. I got treated for suspect epididimitis with cipro. Didn't work but eventually the pain subsided. So as I say on and off until I got particular pain in may time. I went for a check and a test incase I'd caught something. Cysts on the epididimus were found but I got a negative result. (Full test bloods and all) so I left it. Got 2 and a half months down the line and got a itch burn in the penis and clear discharge for 2 weeks. Straight back to the clinic who again gave a negative result. The extra symptoms and discharge cleared on its own and they said it may be irritation from numerous things. The aching never went so went back to the Dr who doubted any infection but gave me cipro again which hasn't cleared it. I do suffer anxiety and an active lifestyle. Any help would be great.

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  • Hi, have you had STI's tests, especially for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea? If not I would get an STI test first, for everything if you can and then if it is not this you can always go to another doctor to explain it is not clearing and ask for their help and advice .. get a second or third opinion from another doctor.

  • Yes I had 2 tests. Urine, swabs and blood both times. 3 months apart. The clinic said there was no infection and to go to the Dr who didn't seem fussed and prescribed me more cipro. He examined me to say there was no sign of epididimitis or lumps. Of course the antibiotics haven't worked. My suspicions lie with chronic epididimitis as there are no swelling or infection associated with it. However I've now seem 2 clinic Drs and my gp to no avail.

  • Btw, Cipro is really dangerous for cartilage and connective tissues of the body. Here in N. America there have been numerous law suits by people who can no longer walk from tendon damage caused by this drug. Secondly, you might have an infection that is resistant to Cipro. Try another antibiotic.

  • Oh I know. I felt like I'd been hit by a bus after the 10 days. The ache has died down. But comes back every now and again. Seen as I've been confirmed negative for std twice what Infection could it be?

  • They have been full screenings chlamydia and gonorrhea aswell as blood tests for everything else by the way.

  • I don't believe that the blood tests pick up everything the first, second, third test or at all in some cases.

  • I have suspicions for anxiety caused. As it's worse the more stressed I get or worried I get so to speak. That or I've had unprotected anal sex with said female that may have constituted with feacal bacteria entering the urinary tract. I may visit the clinic again see what gets said.

  • I think you're saying you've had Cipro twice? The comment from Peristalsis about Cipro being dangerous is absolutely true. The effects are cumulative so you may feel fine now but at some point just one more tablet will tip you over the threshold. If you felt like you'd been hit by a bus the last time I would take that as a strong sign to never take it again. If a doc says it's the only thing that will do he or she is not doing their job properly. Instead of finding out exactly what is causing your problem they're dosing you with a broad spectrum kill-everything AB that may well end up damaging you. Cipro means all the other fluoroquinolone ABs as well (e.g. Levofloxacin).

    If tests continue to come back negative for bugs but you still get the pain check out the possibility that stress is actually the problem. Many men are told they have epididimytis when really they have stress-related pain and a series of pelvic floor exercises will sort it out. Better than being floxed - check that out if in doubt!

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