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I need helpppp please

So basically, i have had a boyfriend in the past but we always just used condoms but then after we broke up i have started to see this boy but we only shag now and then because we are “casual” so does this mean i have to get a contraceptive pill that i have to take all the time even when i’m not having sex often, or would i not be able to take the morning after pill after every time? Basically i just want to know what pill would be most suitable for me, thankyouuu :)

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The morning after pill isn't recommended to be taken as contraception. It's also very very expensive we're talking about £37 for 1 pill every time. I would get the contraceptive pill, there are many different ones but you wouldn't have to pay for them but you'd have to take them as the packet say, not just have one after sex as that might not give you the full protection as the full pack would. Hope that helps!

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Yes that does he’ll, thankyou!!



I would recommend a LARC method so this is a contraceptive method that you don’t have to remember to take and they can be in situ for years depending on the method. I would say that you should go to a contraceptive/ Sexual health service and ask to discuss your options.

I would recommed an implant as that’s your contraception sorted for 3 years and you can have it removed and fertility will resume almost straightaway.

Hope this helps :)


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