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Herpes in pregnancy


I was diagnosed with hsv2 nearly five years ago now. Over the years my outbreaks have slowed down dramatically to maybe two a year. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant. I have informed my midwife about the herpes and I will be going on suppressive therapy from next week to hopefully keep the outbreaks away when I go in to labour. However I'm still so petrified the baby is going to catch it, like petrified. Has anybody else been in the same position as me and everything been ok. I'm so excited about becoming a mum but this is really ruining it for me. Any advice would be so appreciated.

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If you had genital herpes before becoming pregnant, the risk to your baby is very low. This is because during the last few months of your pregnancy, you will pass all the protective antibodies (proteins that fight infection) to your baby. These will protect your baby during the birth and for several months afterwards.Even if you have recurrent episodes of genital herpes throughout your pregnancy, your baby should not be at increased risk. However, you may need to take an antiviral medication, such as aciclovir, continuously from week 36 of the pregnancy until the birth to reduce the severity of your symptoms.

I had a baby with the virus. But mine affects me on my pubic area so they checked if I had anything inside but there was nothing. Gave birth to my baby naturally and his well. I am hear for you if you want to talk or ask any questions.

I was so embarrassed telling the nurses of my condition. I was tested for other std's but not herpes so I had to tell them.

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