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Bed wetting

Recently I had been getting the same symptoms of a uti but my go said it wasn't, however I am convinced it is. Weeks later I still have the same symptoms; cloudy urine, strong smelling, feeling to urinate frequently, and pain passing the urine but yesterday I wet the bed and it was quite a substantial amount. Me and my partener had been having intercourse quite a lot recently, could this have something to do with this incident? I don't usually bed wet and this is uncommon for me.

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It made me think of cystitis. Very common after a lot of sex or if it's been a little while since. I got it very recently. I managed to flush mine through by literally drinking litres for a couple of days. You may already know but making sure you pee right after sex can help to prevent flare ups and some of the things from the pharmacy like cystopurin help with the burning pain. I'm amazed your doctor didn't tell you this. Hope it helps xx


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